Composer, jazz pianist

Gyula 1

“Explosiveness, Insight, Energy, Impulse, Energy, Speed…. Rhythm…. Rapture, Expressiveness. An unusual concert or an unusual exhibition, a unique musical exhibition? Well, I cannot really define it as I imagine Gyula’s painting while listening  to his music seeing the man, the painter, the artist, his paintings and the process  of their creation, the phases of work, and I can hear the paintings and see the music. Gyula Medgyessy-Kovács is one of those exceptionally talented artists that are so rarely born in our world. He handles the keyboard and the brush with equal ease and talent and has even started painting with his hands and fingers recently in a unique way. He has developed and intimate relationship with paint, canvas, colours and light just like with the keyboard, sounds, colours and harmonies.”

Károly Binder

Pianist, composer

University professor and leader of university department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music

Gyula Medgyessy-Kovács – The Painter’s Music – 2002

  1. The painter’s music
  2. My favourite sounds
  3. Remembering
  4. Pastel tones
  5. Expressive ostinato

Gyula Medgyessy-Kovács – Tagore moods – 2018

  1. Tagore’s Fable
  2. Past Sounds
  3. Autumn Ballad
  4. Sailboats’ Victory
  5. August Walk
  6. Rover on Waves
  7. Spring Awakening
  8. Swing’a’ling
  9. Thunderwaltz
  10. Epilogue
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